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Making a Difference for Missouri Families.

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

Bringing hope to Missouri's families who have children and youth with emotional and behavioral health needs.

In the Classroom

You are not alone. We support parents, caregivers, youth and families with experience, knowledge and compassion.

A Supportive Hug

Connect with other parents in your region to gain information and build your network of support.

Family Portrait at the Park

Connect with Missouri Families 4 Families today to get support, information and resources for your family.

Our Mission

To bring hope to Missouri's families with children and youth who have emotional and behavioral health needs.


At Missouri Families 4 Families we:

  • Nurture and support family connections to each other and to quality services

  • Provide family assistance through information, support, training and technical assistance in local communities resulting in self-advocacy

  • Promote family voice on decision-making committees that develop and monitor policy, planning, and service delivery for children/youth with emotional behavioral needs at all levels of services

Our Board

Bonnie Neal (Chair) - West Region

Lynn Prince (Co-Chair) - Southwest Region

Kory Boustead (Treasurer) - Central Region

Mockia "Nikki" Shelton (Secretary) - East Region

Lorenda Roberson - Southcentral Region

Bonnie Neal - West Region

Barb Scheidegger - Southeast Region

Barb Scheidegger- Central Region

About Us

Missouri Families 4 Families (MOF4F) is a well-established, family-run organization with a long history of serving Missouri families. MOF4F began in 2006 and received 501(c)(3) status in 2016. Since then, MOF4F has worked to become a statewide organization with a diverse Board led by Executive Director, Barb Scheidegger, who is a parent and grandparent with 25 years of experience volunteering and supporting families. The MOF4F Board is 100% family-driven requiring that at least 51% of the Board are family-caregivers that have children/youth receiving mental health supports and services. MOF4F advocates for families across the state by representing family voice on state and local committees, including nine System of Care Groups (SOC), and advocating for families who have children/youth with mental health needs.

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